Description: Preferred Landing page are specific pages on your site that have been identified and the best page to rank for a specific keyword phrase.   For example, on, the optimal page for “Cheap Flights” is the page  - this is the page we want to rank.

There should only be one primary URL for each keyword.  Sometimes a company may have a vanity or promotional URL that they want to be interchangeable with the PLP this is added below via the “Secondary URL” classification. 

Note:  You don’t have to have them for all keywords.  To start a handful are sufficient to allow the PLP Modeling functions to be engaged.  If you don’t have PLP’s or secondary URL’s they can be added later. 

File Naming Convention: keyword_plp.csv 

Column Format:

Keyword Phrase


flug und hotel istanbul

flüge frankfurt new york

flüge istanbul berlin